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I received many more interviews and interest from employers through my Mach Interview profile ™. I also like the idea that the employers can see me in action and my personality, which doesn’t come out on a paper resume.

Kassandra B. - Recent Graduate - University of Texas at Austin

Making a resume can be somewhat tedious; but creating a Mach Interview profile was quicker than I thought it'd be, and kind of fun too. It feels more like using Facebook than conducting a job search.

Stephanie A. - Student - Rice University

My Mach Interview profile puts me ahead of others that are just sending employers a paper resume. It's like Facebook for Employers; I'd much rather have them see my Mach Interview profile than my Facebook profile.

Brooke Hammonds - Medical/Clinical Assistant - Western Technical College

Mach Interview ™ is so innovative and important, we couldn't resist! Chris' knowledge of student needs and the employer hiring process makes this product a win-win for everyone.

Gail Armatys - Chief Administrative Officer - Center for Advanced Legal Studies

The Mach Interview team has gone above and beyond for our staff, students and employers. They are always looking for ways to improve our efficiencies and get results.

Mary Cano - Executive VP/Campus Director - Western Technical College

Mach Interview is a differentiator for students and a time-saving tool for colleges and employers. It's so much easier to use than I had imagined.

Nicole Van Den Heuvel - Director, Center for Career Development - Rice University


Mach Interview is a game-changer for employment outcomes. This is the future for Career Services departments.

Stephen Maeker - National VP of Career Services - Alta Colleges

Whoa, I can't believe something like this exists! I love the Virtual Interview and Work Samples! These profiles are intuitive and allow me to save time in the pre-screening process.

Michael Rigby - CEO - Rigby H20

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love Mach Interview! The process in place to connect with the candidates and externs is easy and very user-friendly. I will definitely continue to use Mach Interview in the future!

Kasita Bailey - OFfice Manager - Clear Creek Oral Surgery



One of the great benefits about the Mach Interview system ™ is its ability to be fully customized to your campus. In fact, even if you’re part of a much larger school system with many campuses, the Mach Interview system can be customized on a system-wide level, all the way down to the campus-level. A 20-minute demo can allow you to see how you can customize your experience and see how our system can help you achieve your own specific goals. Oh, and be sure to ask how you may qualify for a free tablet just for participating in our demo.

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We take a great deal of pride in our system working flawlessly. If you see something not working perfectly, then we need to know about it. We always welcome feedback and input on how we can make your experience better. We look forward to hearing from you.

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